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Alba urged to back abolition of monarchy in Scotland

Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond’s new party wants an elected head of state

Alex Salmond’s new Alba party could abolish the monarchy and instead have an elected head of state in an independent Scotland.

The party’s inaugural conference next month will consider a proposal that “once the term of the much-respected present monarch is over, Scotland should move to an elected head of state.”

The head of state, or president, in the new republic would have similar powers to those in Ireland.

In 2014 the independence White Paper endorsed the SNP’s policy that the monarchy should continue in an independent Scotland, with the Monarch retaining the unelected position of Head of State. 

Should Alba decide to back an independent Scotland becoming a republic, its policy would contrast with that of the SNP, which continues to support the British monarch as an unelected head of state under independence. 

In the draft agenda for Alba’s inaugural conference in Greenock, published last night (Monday), party activists will call for Alba to endorse an independent Scotland having a written constitution and an elected head of state. 


In the motion, members will be asked to agree that:  “The written constitution starts from the principle that the people are sovereign in keeping with the Scottish constitutional tradition and as such ALBA will propose.. that, once the term of the much respected present monarch is over, Scotland should move to an elected head of state with similar powers to the Uachtarán na hÉireann.” 

Alba said a Sky News poll in March this year found that the idea of creating an independent Scottish republic north of the Border is supported by 56% of independence suppporters, with 30% backing the monarchy and 15% saying they don’t know.

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