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Daily Business is part of the Daily Business Group (DBG), an integrated media and business services company established in Scotland by a former Sunday Times and Scotsman journalist and focused on Scottish business and political news.

DBG comprises the Daily Business news website and Daily Business Magazine, featuring comment, analysis, the arts and lifestyle issues. DB Media Services offers communications strategy, photography and copywriting.

Daily Business Ltd, the registered company, was established in September 2014  and the Daily Business news website went live in November 2014.

Daily Business  is designed as the go-to News Website for the modern, mobile generation of readers who want their news and opinion delivered in a convenient and immediate format. It provides breaking news, opinion and interviews 7 days a week and is available via PC, laptop and mobile devices.

Daily Business aims to achieve the highest editorial standards in accordance with general conduct, ethical practice and journalistic integrity. Comments on articles are monitored and, where necessary, moderated.

It focuses on a broad range of business, political, economics, sports, consumer, money, arts and lifestyle issues from a Scottish perspective.

The readership is focused in the main Scottish population centres and in London. There is also significant pick up overseas on key issues.

Readership numbers for the first four months of 2023 were just short of half a million, an average of 123,000 per month.

Contributed articles

Unsolicited articles are likely to command a charge. Contributors have the option of including branding or display advertising for an agreed period.

Reader comments

Daily Business welcomes comments from readers on any subject. Each item has a comment section and, in common with most news websites, these comments are moderated before publication. Comments also appear on social media sites and are beyond the control or responsibility of Daily Business.

Registered office and workspace: Floor 3, 1-4 Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh, EH 3 8HA (correspondence for Daily Business Ltd only)

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