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Oasys upgrades to Mail Manager with new SharePoint integration

Alec MiltonEmail management software, Mail Manager, has incorporated cloud based storage into its current offering of intuitive filing and email archiving.

Mail Manager works seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, organising and streamlining email workflow with two simple but powerful features: an efficient email filing tool and a fast, flexible search.

Now, with added SharePoint integration, emails and attachments can be saved securely to the cloud while the user is online or offline to facilitate more flexible and mobile working.

When migrating emails from your inbox to SharePoint, typical email providers require the user to ‘drag and drop’ files across, which can result in lost metadata. This can have a detrimental effect on search functionality and requires information tags to be manually inputted after migration.

Alec Milton (pictured), Managing Director of Oasys, explains: “Most email management systems will not carry metadata across when moving to the cloud. Mail Manager does this by default.

“While migration takes place, the intelligent technology not only attributes data but also begins to learn the user’s filing habits.

“Instead of automatically filing emails away, Mail Manager will prompt the user and suggest folders for the email to be stored. This could be the cloud, on the network or within personal folders – it doesn’t matter as Mail Manager will work across multiple platforms at any time.”

Alongside SharePoint, Mail Manager also supports Office 365, OneDrive, Google Drive, LiveLink, Documentum, public folders and file system folders.

“The beauty of the product is its flexibility,” continued Alec. “Mail Manager is there to help you stay on top of your emails in an easy, intuitive way. Whether this be in the office, at home or remotely from your mobile.”

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