DBdirect – your articles directly online

DB Direct logoWelcome to DBdirect, an opportunity to promote
your products and services, and celebrate your success in Awards competitions,  directly to your target audience,
such as potential customers or business partners.

DBdirect is a form of direct publishing that will allow you to place articles and announcements directly on the Daily Business website in your own words.

Articles on the Daily Business website can include the option of branding and click-through hyperlinks to your own company website or other documents. 

These articles are designed to promote your company and your products and services. They are not news releases, which will continue to be handled through the Daily Business newsdesk.

DBdirect can offer assistance with writing and compiling articles, and designing branding material.

What kind of articles are suitable?

Articles may address any topic of specific interest to your target audience, such as:

promoting goods and services

pricing and other sales information

– a celebration of an award

– invitations to tender

– businesses, divisions, property and other assets for sale, with full particulars

– involvement in a charity

– announcement of a sponsorship

legal and accountancy advice

– advice on technology, health and safety, building regulations

– management services

job vacancies

Where do the articles appear?

They appear prominently under the Contributors category or Awards which feature on the Home page of the website. You can click on the coloured panel to see a list of current submissions. Other formats can be negotiated.

Your articles will appear as submitted although Daily Business reserves the right to edit material to meet legal and editorial requirements.

How much does it cost?

A. All promotional articles, including awards, with photograph (max length 650 words)

£55  Click here to go directly to the payments page

B.  All the above + hyperlink + inclusion in Daily Business Email Bulletin

£95 Click here to go directly to the payments page

C.  Full sponsorship package: editorial + photography + link + branding.


Who should you contact for information and to book space?

Contact: mediaservices@dailybusinessgroup.co.uk

Tel: 07971 686038

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