Watchdogs target ‘misleading’ vloggers

OreoRegulators are clamping down on vloggers – those who produce video blogs on YouTube to prevent them being passed off an independent adverts.

The Committee of Advertising Practice, part of the Advertising Standards Authority, released guidelines to prevent them misleading viewers.

Its move follows a ruling by the ASA last year which said vloggers who were paid to praise Oreo biscuits on the channel should have labelled the posts as adverts.

Paid-for videos will now have to state they are adverts in their title although free items sent to vloggers without editorial control do not need to follow the new code.

“If a vlogger is paid to promote a product or service and an advertiser controls the message then it becomes an ad,” the CAP guidance says.

“When that happens, like all advertisers, vloggers must be upfront and clearly signpost that they’re advertising.”

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