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Women’s Enterprise Scotland shortlist unveiled

Carolyn Currie: achievements in the spotlight (pic: Terry Murden)

A shortlist has been announced for this year’s Women’s Enterprise Scotland Awards with 51 finalists across 10 categories.

Carolyn Currie, CEO of WES, said:  “Our Awards recognise the considerable contribution women-led businesses make to Scotland’s economy.

“The cost of business crisis, coming so closely after the COVID-19 pandemic, has placed many businesses under more pressure than ever. It is vital that we put the achievements and the resilience of our women business leaders in the spotlight as they continue to innovate and push forward.”

The awards will be presented at a ceremony at the voco Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow on 26 October.

Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES) was established in 2012 as a not-for-profit community interest company (CIC) working to close the gender gap in enterprise participation. 


Start-up Business of the Year

Bevan O’Daly                                        Bawn Textiles

Chloe Oswald                                        Chocolatia

Alisha Fuller-Armah                              Deer Manor Gourmet Mushrooms

Gemma Stuart                                     Gutsy Health Ltd

Rosie Davie                                          Rosie Davie Physiotherapy Ltd

Growth Business of the Year

Julie Kennedy                                       Mocha Jaks

Nathalie Agnew                                    Muckle Media

Victoria Nicol                                        My Language Connection

Sophia Razif                                          The Power Within Training

Lynn Mann                                            Supernature Oils

Outstanding Business of the Year

Dr Yemeni Otaru                                  Dogaru

Emma Marley                                       Hickory

Nathalie Agnew                                    Muckle Media

Emma Macdonald                                 The Tartan Blanket Company

Inspiring Leader of the Year

Ann Johnson                                        Blaze Manufacturing Solutions Ltd

Claire Doris                                          Cumulus Oncology

Julie Begbie                                          Happy Side Hustle

Heather Matthews                                Little’s Chauffeur Drive

Sacha Woolham                                   The Strategy Collective

Funded Business of the Year

Nicola Kennedy                                    Heero Technologies

Dan McGarty                                         MI:RNA Ltd

Celia Davies                                          Omanos Analytics

Karen Robinson                                    Three Robins

Resilient Business of the Year

Danielle McKinnon                                Eat, Sleep, Ride CIC

Mette Bailie                                          Freja Designer Dressmaking

Heather Matthews                                Little’s Chauffeur Drive

Donna Cuthbertson                              Orkney Dance and Fitness Ltd

Rhiannon Louden                                 Small Fish Brand Co

Susie Black                                           Susie Black Fitness

Jenny Storey                                        The Academy

Embracing Technology Business

Lesley Landels                                      Love Scottish

Celia Davies                                          Omanos Analytics

Pooja Katara                                         SENSEcity

Anne Widdop                                        The Virtual Reality Hive Ltd

Caroline Laurenson                              TL Tech Ltd

Net-Zero Business of the Year

Antoinette Fionda-Douglas                  Beira

Martha Bytof                                         Dear Green Coffee Roasters

Kirsty Maguire                                      Kirsty Maguire Architect Ltd

Jane Stewart                                        Topolytics Ltd

Kristen Hunter                                      Whisky Frames

Business to Watch

Ishani Malhotra                                     Carcinotech

Kimberley Mackenzie                           GlykoGlen Ltd

Nicola Kennedy                                    Heero Technologies

Dan McGarty                                         MI:RNA Ltd

Rosie Davie                                          Rose Davie Physiotherapy Ltd

Purpose-Led Business of the Year

Emma Sithole                                      BE United Trading Ltd

Kirsty Ritchie                                        Mind & Missions Ltd

Kirsty Lunn                                           Molke

Carolyn McNamara                             My Academic Family

Zara Janjua                                          Scottistani Productions

Sally Gouldstone                                  Seilich

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