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Business Stream beats own target for carbon cuts

Jo Dow: delighted with progress

Business Stream, the commercial water services supplier, has exceeded its target for cutting carbon emissions.

The wholly-owned subsidiary of Scottish Water achieved a 50% reduction in the 12 months to April, far exceeeding its 20% forecast.

This was achieved by a combination of proactive measures and continuing to retain many of the positive behaviours that had been adopted during lockdown.

Jo Dow, chief executive, said: “In addition to supporting our customers to achieve their sustainability goals, we also have a responsibility to reduce our own environmental impact.

“Over the past two years we’ve taken proactive steps to significantly lower our carbon emissions – contributing to our goal of achieving net zero by 2030.

“We’re delighted with the progress we’ve made but we also recognise that there’s more to do in order to continue to deliver environmental savings. Work is now underway to identify the additional steps we need to take to reduce our footprint further”.

Edinburgh-based Business Stream is the largest operator in Scotland’s non-domestic water market and its 350-strong workforce have played a crucial role in helping deliver its environmental targets.

Colleagues have embraced Business Stream’s Climate Conscious Travel Policy, which was launched during the past year, alongside an electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme, encouraging colleagues to make responsible travel choices.

The water retailer has also implemented a number of other measures to reduce emissions, including replacing its diesel fleet with electric vehicles and investing in new, more energy efficient air conditioning units.

Created in 2006 to offer best in class water services to businesses in Scotland, Business Stream later acquired the non-household customer base of Southern Water ahead of the planned opening of the English retail water market.

That market change in 2017 paved the way for 1.2 million businesses and public bodies in England to be able to choose their water supplier. In 2019 Business Stream acquired the customer base of Yorkshire Water Business Services (YWBS) and Three-Sixty, doubling its market share.

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