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Eco centre Dynamic Earth puts house in order

Dynamic Earth

Dynamic Earth’s roof will be made more environmentally friendly

Scotland’s Earth and environment-focused science centre, Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, is practising what it preaches – by reducing the carbon emissions through its giant curved roof.

The charity has secured a £190,000 loan from Social Investment Scotland to upgrade its Stratosphere, one of the most visible rooftops in the city.

The Stratosphere was constructed in 1999 using a fabric membrane stretched over a steel skeleton, surrounded by glass walls. However, the materials used for the design make it difficult to heat and cool.

The loan from SIS will be used to upgrade the airflow and lighting systems in the Stratosphere and lighting in other areas of the building.

Collectively, these upgrades will result in significant energy savings of more than 200,000 kWh per year, and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to more than 20 tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) per year.

Mark Bishop and fan

The new system requires the installation of five fans, including a huge seven-metre wide destratification fan suspended from the curved roof.

These will help to transfer warm air that has risen up to the roof space back down to ground level. This will keep visitors warm and utilise otherwise wasted energy.

The fans are being supplied and installed by CPA Engineered Solutions. LED lighting within the visitor centre will also be installed to cut energy use.

Mark Bishop, CEO of Dynamic Earth, said: “As the face of public engagement around the sustainable future of our Earth, it’s vital that we ‘walk the walk’ and do the right thing by continuing to address our own energy challenges.

“What’s more, we are in a unique position to inspire other organisations to do the same, creating a catalytic effect for positive change.”

Dynamic Earth, overlooked by the Salisbury Crags, has welcomed around 250,000 visitors a year since opening in 1999 as a focal point in the regeneration of Edinburgh’s Old Town.

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