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SMEs ‘struggle to understand public sector bid process’

David Gray

Research: David Gray

The vast majority of SMEs believe the public sector should do more to remove the tendering barriers they face when bidding for public sector contracts, according to new research.

David Gray, managing director of tender specialist AM Bid, said a survey it commissioned showed that SMEs find the public procurement process challenging,

The company, which has developed an online modular training programme, says many firms currently bidding for public contracts just don’t understand the process or what it takes to develop a winning tender.

Its report Navigating the Public Procurement Minefield found that more than 90% of UK SMEs surveyed think the public sector should be more accommodating and do more to remove the tendering barriers they face.

Mr Gray said: “This reflects our initial research which showed the vast majority of SMEs find the public procurement process challenging.”

The latest report comes as the UK Government is preparing the next stages of its Transforming Public Procurement strategy, which aims to speed up and simplify the procurement processes faced by bidding parties and to reshape public procurement for generations to come.

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