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Clampdown expected

Travellers to require vaccines ‘for evermore’


Vaccination may have to become routine

Travellers will face a permanent requirement to be double-vaccinated for Coronavirus before they can leave the country, according to a UK government minister.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said most or all countries would insist on travellers having both jabs for the virus before letting them enter their territories.

The stark assessment of the future of travel comes ahead of a further easing of quarantine restrictions from Sunday on those arriving into the UK from a wider group of countries.

Mr Shapps told a radio programme: “I think double vaccination, full vaccination, is going to be a feature for ever more and most countries, probably all countries, will require full vaccination in order for you to enter.”

He said that ideally ministers would not have to impose quarantine restrictions or demand people pay for multiple, expensive tests

But the current system was likely to remain in place long after summer because the threat a vaccine-resistant variant emerging is the big worry for ministers, Mr Shapps said.

“It would be irresponsible for us not, therefore, to be testing people when they do travel before they leave and when they get back – that’s how you can guard against the next big variant that none of us know about yet,” he said.

“As the world opens up and international rules are adopted for travel, which will certainly include full vaccination, I think things will start to become more routine for people who travel.”

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