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Introducing the Spelfie: a selfie taken from space

Capturing the moment: a photo taken 400 miles above Earth

The latest craze in recording our every moment has now reached the skies above us. Selfies can be taken from space, helping to capture images of events anywhere in the world from a satellite.

Users click on an app for the event they are attending and once they arrive the app provides coordinates so the user knows precisely where to position themselves and at what time. Later the same day the app sends back the satellite image.

The so-called Spelfie is a new concept from a Glasgow-based company run by entrepreneur Chris Newlands.

Spelfie is completely free for users and is the first selfie app of its kind, using Airbus optical cameras on Earth Observation satellites to take pictures with less than a metre in detail. It is possible to see individual cars and trees although the images will not show a close up of the user’s face. It is designed to capture a large group at an event ,such as a sports or environmental protest.

It has been used in a documentary on an environmental campaign on the island of Bali which culminates in an entire village of people spelling out ACT NOW on a polluted beach. Spelfie’s satellite image from space captures the moment and beams the message out to the world.

Chris Newlands

Chris Newlands: ‘making a difference’

Airbus has a fleet of satellites that captures images of many environmental challenges including deforestation, natural disasters such as fires, floods and drought, and pollution monitoring.

Aside from being latest novelty it aims to disrupt a $144 billion events marketing and sponsorship industry, allowing brands to increase revenues by driving event attendees, influencers and their traffic directly to the brands’ websites.

Spelfie is working with tourist boards to promote their landscapes but is primarily aimed at people attending major sports and cultural events. It was tested at this year’s Glastonbury festival.

Mr Newlands is currently in talks with a number of global events and partners. He said: “Spelfie is a movement of people who want to change the world and make a difference through social media and imagery. The power of a Spelfie can help raise awareness globally, encouraging others to join in and want to make a difference.”

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