Tennent’s offers Hee-Haw for drink-drive law

Hee HawTennent’s has responded to Scotland’s new drink-drive laws by raising a glass  – of non-alcoholic lager.

Scotland’s biggest brewer has launched “Hee-Haw” (Scottish slang for “nothing) in pubs across the country.

With an ABV of below 0.05%, the company hopes it will prove popular with those who enjoy a drink but do not want to be caught out by the tough new rules which will cut the alcohol limit for drivers.

Although the launch coincides with the Scottish Government’s legislative reform, Tennent’s had already been developing Hee Haw for some time in response to what it believes is a gap in the market.

“Over the last few years, we’ve increasingly been asked by Tennent’s drinkers to create a lager that’s non-alcoholic,” says Paul Condron, Tennent’s Marketing Director. “From shift workers, to designated drivers, the demand for something like Tennent’s Hee Haw has been there for some time – and we only expect that demand to increase substantially now the legislative reform is in full effect. 

Hee Haw will be sold in pubs across the country from tomorrow.

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