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Potential to draw investors

Pyramids data centre ‘a magnet for growth’

Pyramids data centre
Big data: huge site at Bathgate

Scotland’s biggest data centre is being launched, capable of handling the country’s vast storage and processing needs.

The Pyramids Data Centre in Bathgate, covering a 93-acre site, will be developed in three phases and will be capable of handling the data storage and processing requirements of the largest of organisations.

Steven McGarva, director at owner Ashfield Land, said: “The need for regional data centres will continue to grow as demand for quicker access to data from businesses and consumers increases and technology improves.”

The site has had various uses from manufacturing centre to a call centre and is now poised to play a big role in the digital sector.

It is hoped that the centre can be powered with on-site renewable energy.

Michael Hunter, associate director in Cushman & Wakefield’s Data Centre Advisory Group, noted the potential the centre has for attracting investment

 “In recent years Ireland has benefited from attracting upwards of £6bn of investment in the data centre industry from companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, AWS and Microsoft.

“Until now, Scotland has not provided the size and scale of infrastructure needed.” 

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