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Calder quits Big to go sailing; Low joins Thistle

Marjorie CalderUpdate: Marjorie Calder has stepped down as a director of The Big Partnership after 12 years with the company. She has set up OceanBlue Consulting and, appropriately, she is “walking away from a rather wonderful job” to go sailing.

Ms Calder will remain as a consultant to Glasgow-based Big where she has been a director since 2006, but in a no-holds-barred blog she admits she wants a change of life.

“I’m walking away from a really rather wonderful job in a company to which, and from colleagues to whom, I shall always be grateful. On the face of it, as a divorced woman with a mortgage, this doesn’t look like my smartest move ever, but yet it FEELS right.

“To keep on doing what you’ve always done doesn’t leave room to grow. I confess I didn’t have the slightest clue how typecast I had become in my marriage until I went on dates again with totally unsuitable people.  My favourite was with a wizened man who went on sex holidays in Vietnam. He and I shared a single, hilarious evening over Mojitos marvelling at how unfamiliar each other’s life was.

“You can’t typically do that if you’re married. And if I stay in the secure job which has been great for me for some 12 years, I simply don’t have the time to pursue new adventures. So I’m off. And I’ve been lucky enough to meet a lovely man who’s taking me sailing.

“Admittedly, “adventures” will almost certainly include not being able to blow money on things I don’t really need. But nor will I spend 2 hours a day commuting 1,000 miles a month like Groundhog Day. I certainly no longer yearn to own more “stuff”.

“So I can only really speak for me but I’m aware I’m not a maverick or alone. There are lots of us out there fortunate to have health and the curiosity to say, “Life is short. Let’s go and see what’s out there.”

“I feel incredibly lucky and alive. And just a little bit absolutely, gut-wrenchingly terrified.

“It’s all good.”

During her time at the Glasgow-based firm, Ms Calder has represented some of its biggest clients, including Deloitte and Clydesdale Bank. She also headed up the media training team and will continue offering this service.

An ex-Daily Record reporter, she has worked in the comms business for more than 25 years, including a stint in broadcast media in London. She became group head of marketing for an investment company before moving into journalism for ten years.

Jacqui over the moon at Maryhill appointment

Jacqui LowJacqui Low, Executive Chairman of Edinburgh-based communications consultancy Indigo, has been appointed to the board of Partick Thistle Football Club.

She is only the third woman holding a board level position in the Scottish Premiership. The others are Justine Mitchell at Dundee United and Anne Budge at Hearts.

Ms Low said: “It’s an honour to join the board at Thistle. I’ve shadowed the board for the last six months to be sure that this position was the right move for me and the club. I wouldn’t have accepted the role if I didn’t think I could make a difference, or if I thought this was a token gesture, but I certainly like what I have seen so far.”

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