Green challenge

Rose to help steer energy efficiency taskforce

Alison Rose
Dame Alison Rose: team sport (pic: Terry Murden)

Dame Alison Rose, group chief executive at NatWest (RBS), will help lead a UK government task force charged with reducing national energy consumption by 15% over the next seven years.

The Energy Efficiency Taskforce, launched on Tuesday, will be backed by £6 billion of government funding from 2025 in addition to the £6.6bn allocated this parliament.

The Chancellor will confirm Dame Alison’s appointment at a meeting with about 100 representatives from the UK’s top green firms to gather the best ideas for driving growth in the sector, projected to be worth £1 trillion to UK businesses up to 2030.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt said: “Our green industry is a key growth sector set to be worth £1 trillion by the end of the decade.

“It will bring high-paid jobs, brand new manufacturers and huge export opportunities – but needs extra attention now to make sure British companies and our people can fully share in the sector’s success and grow the economy.”

Energy Security & Net Zero Secretary Grant Shapps said: “I am determined to reduce people’s energy bills, bringing wholesale energy prices down to their lowest ever within the next decade, through investment in cheaper and more innovative energy sources such as renewables and nuclear.

“But improving the energy efficiency of our homes by bringing the latest technologies into them will also help cut energy use, and with that people’s bills.

“The Energy Efficiency Taskforce – to be led by the excellent Lord Callanan and Alison Rose – will be committed to clearing the barriers to getting this done, whether that’s investment, training up installers or improving the supply of products.”

Dame Alison said: “Addressing the climate crisis is a team sport, and building vital partnerships between the public and private sector is the key to tackling this challenge at pace.

“Improving energy efficiency will not only drive a lower carbon environment, but also deliver greater economic security through lower bills for people, families, and businesses right across the UK.”

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