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Bank promises simpler use

RBS first UK bank to launch fingerprint payment card

RBS fingerprint card

The new card is simpler to use says the bank (pic: Terry Murden)


RBS has unveiled the first biometric fingerprint card to be issued by a UK bank. The card’s technology has been developed in conjunction with digital security firm Gemalto in partnership with Visa.

It will allow customers to use their fingerprint to verify transactions above the £30 contactless limit, increasing security and offering greater convenience as no PIN is required.

David Crawford, head of payments at RBS, said: “This is the biggest development in card technology in recent years and it’s great to finally see the cards in the hands of our customers.”

The card will be piloted in a trial with 200 customers.

The new cards work with existing contactless and Chip and Pin terminals meaning shops will be able to accept payments without updating their technology.

Les Matheson, head of retail at RBS, said: “We want to make things simple, easy and more secure.”


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