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Deal strengthens offering

Menzies Aviation acquires aircraft servicing company

Menzies Aviation

Ready for take-off: deal takes Menzies into more airports

Menzies Aviation has expanded into more UK airports after acquiring the trade and assets of Airline Services, a UK based aircraft de-icing specialist.

Airline Services, a subsidiary of Airline Services and Components Group, has an annual turnover of £34.9m.

It provides de-icing and aircraft presentation services to more than 60 airlines at 12 UK airports, together with ground handling operations at London Gatwick.

The acquired trade and assets takes Menzies Aviation, part of the John Menzies group, into four new UK airport locations, namely Liverpool, Newcastle, Birmingham and Exeter.

By combining with Airline Services, Menzies’ strengthens its existing UK presence and deepens its product portfolio. It will boost the company’s UK growth by expanding its service offering to new and existing customers at a wider range of locations. 

Forsyth Black, managing director of Menzies Aviation said: “This is a significant addition to our UK business and is line with our strategy to offer the deepest portfolio of products to our airline customers.  

“The deal strengthens our market position in the UK, extends our product offering and takes us into new airports where we can now offer the full suite of Menzies services and continue to grow our business.”

Andy Lord, Menzies Aviation’s executive vice president – EMEA, said: This acquisition has sound strategic logic and is a significant addition to our UK service offering.

“Adding Airline Services to our existing network gives us the opportunity to share facilities and expertise which will enable us to become even more competitive, I am also excited to be taking the Menzies brand and suite of services into four new airport locations.”

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