Target is £50,000

Crowdfund launched to back sports paper

Pat Nevin vidA crowdfunding campaign has been launched, with the aim of producing a standalone sports newspaper in Scotland.

The project, backed by allmediascotland’s former editor Mike Wilson, is initially planning a proof-of-concept issue.

If it succeeds the next target will be to build enough subscribers to sustain a weekly title.

The crowdfunding is inviting people to pledge either £5, £10 or £100 and it needs to hit£50,000 before pledges can be drawn.

Those who pledge £5 would receive a copy of the paper, delivered to their door. The £10 pledge involves receiving a copy of the pilot issue, plus being named as a ‘supporter’ within its pages.

The £100 pledge involves receiving the pilot, plus being named as a ‘founding patron’ within its pages. And should the project continue, then being named as a ‘founding patron’ in issues two-52 and at least once a year for however long the paper lasts.

The media website,, has been heavily involved in setting up the project, including establishing links with journalists, photographers and new talent.

The pilot issue – should it come off – will include, among its columnists, the tennis coach, Judy Murray, and the former footballer-turned pundit, Pat Nevin (pictured).

The project is being viewed as a statement of faith in the printed product, given how many newspapers are seeing their circulations drop.

Mike Wilson, now managing director of, said: “We are a website that continues to believe in print, at least for certain types of editorial. Should the target be reached, the paper will be all about upcoming events. In other words, no match reports; not even news, per se.

“Writers will be challenged to find the compelling stories behind the weekend’s sports calendar, in all sports at all levels. We will be different, we have to be different. Our editorial agenda will be driven by the strength of the story, not any perceived hierarchy that has some sports and clubs featured much more heavily than others.”

Should the target be reached, there would then be a period involving design, establishing workflows and commissioning content. The aim would be the pilot being distributed late April/early May.

The fund raising through the Crowdfunder platform is open until 25 February.

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