Two-day event in Edinburgh

Sutherland launches two-day PR festival

Laura SutherlandA PR festival will take place in Edinburgh next year to bring international speakers to Scotland to share best practice based broadly around the theme of innovation.

Laura Sutherland, who runs Aura PR, will stage The PRofessionals on 16 and 17 June to showcase Scotland’s PR offering and promote thoughts around technology, diversity and creative thinking in the industry.

She said: “If you look to recent examples of crisis situations you can immediately see why brands still need experienced, skilled and ethical public relations practitioners who can work across all forms of media, to ensure reputation is being protected.

“I’m very excited to launch The PRofessionals and host the first year in Edinburgh. It seemed timely to hold it ahead of the International Festivals (in Edinburgh), but with overlap of our industry’s global events, the AMEC summit and Cannes.”


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