Roseleaf Bar Cafe: Sandport Place, Edinburgh

Rose with a slightly thorny price

RoseleafThis traditional pub stood firm against the demolition of a large part of its near-neighbourhood and is now a popular haunt for those who like their hostelries cosy, friendly and welcoming.

The pub is just off the more frequented bars along the Shore but is well worth a visit, day or night. It holds regular functions and the staff are an enthusiastic bunch who seem to thrive on its attraction as a remnant of old Leith.

It’s a great place for a quick lunch even if the soup I ordered was a bit measly. It was tasty but barely consisted of a few mouthfuls accompanied with a slab of butter bigger than the two tiny slices of bread. For £3.95 a bigger bowl might have been expected. As you would expect there is a decent range of ales and, unlike some ‘traditional’ pubs, it does sell Scottish beer, including Deuchars and Belhaven.

Food: *** (**)

Drink: **** (*)

Ambience: *****

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