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Is this why Apple delayed Edinburgh opening?

The opening of Apple’s Edinburgh store has been notoriously long-delayed, but could prove to be deliberately timed to coincide with its latest product launch.

Speculation surrounds what this might be but the company has been sending out invitations accompanied by a teaser slogan “It’s been way too long” to an event at its California base on 16 October. That’s two days before the company opens in Edinburgh when it will hope to grab a few more headlines.

There has been very little detail about next week’s product aunch event, leaving tekkies wondering whether it will be a much-rumoured update on the iPad.

Apple unveiled its iPhone 6 earlier this month along with the Apple Watch and Apple pay mobile payment system. But in tech terms products need to be rolled out at ever-greater frequency.

Whether or not the new product will be available for shoppers to examine at its Princes Street, Edinburgh store a week on Saturday remains to be seen.

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