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Friday, October 10th, 2014


Another milestone for green energy, but Scotland needs more manufacturers

The approval today of a substantial wind farm in the North Sea represents another milestone in green energy, though it also adds to questions about Scotland’s failure to develop an indigenous renewables manufacturing industry. Mainstream Renewable Power, based in Ireland, was granted consent by the Scottish Government to build and operate a 450 megawatt offshore wind farm Neart na Gaoithe (“NnG”)  the Outer Forth Estuary. This will be the first offshore wind farm of this scale constructed and operated in Scottish waters to be directly connected to the Scottish electricity system.Read More

Is this why Apple delayed Edinburgh opening?

The opening of Apple’s Edinburgh store has been notoriously long-delayed, but could prove to be deliberately timed to coincide with its latest product launch. Speculation surrounds what this might be but the company has been sending out invitations accompanied by a teaser slogan “It’s been way too long” to an event at its California base on 16 October. That’s two days before the company opens in Edinburgh when it will hope to grab a few more headlines. There has been very little detail about next week’s product aunch event, leaving tekkiesRead More

Update: Indy by another name and the danger of bad legislation

Rushed process carries big risks of getting it wrong Tax changes must not be expensive and bureaucratic Deputy first minister Nicola Sturgeon is cheekily pushing the Smith Commission to give the Scottish Parliament a form of independence-lite. But in this rush to get what the referendum denied the Yes campaign there is a risk of getting it wrong. As the old saying goes, act in haste, repent at leisure. Those cracking the whip over the three Westminster leaders to speed up the process of implementing their “Vow” are in danger ofRead More