Electrify Marketing founder gifts shares to creative director

Lauren Bennett and Lawrence Broadie

Gifted: Lauren Bennett and Lawrence Broadie

Lawrence Broadie, founder of Electrify Marketing & Communications, has rewarded the contribution of creative director Lauren Bennett making her a co-owner of the agency.

Ms Bennett, who has been with the West Lothian company for nearly three-and-a-half years and was appointed to the board last May, will have a 15.75% stake in the business.

Electrify works almost exclusively with not-for-profit clients across the public sector, with charities and community organisations, including Age Scotland, Alzheimer Scotland, Dogs for Good, the SPFL Trust, and the National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group.

Managing director Mr Broadie said: “For a long time I’ve wanted a partner to work with me at Electrify. I originally thought that was a mentor, someone with more experience than me, who could guide – and challenge – me. And of course we may still look for that advice and insight.

“However, in Lauren I’ve found the most extraordinary talent, someone who gives it to me straight every day – and a close friend who I trust implicitly.

“She has contributed in every area of our business, having a profound impact, transforming our creative output, building a team almost exclusively of multi-talented in-house creatives delivering film, animation, motion and static design and illustration.

“To facilitate this change, I have gifted the shares to Lauren and we will cover all liabilities that fall due as a consequence.”

Ms Bennett comments: “It has been fantastic to find such a great agency, and an extremely hard working and talented group of people. Electrify has not only recognised my ability and ambition, extremely quickly, but gave me the opportunity to showcase and work to my full potential.

“That is really not always easy to find, and I feel extremely lucky and thankful. When Lawrence says you can be who you want to be, he really does mean it.

“I am excited for the future at Electrify and to see what our next big bold step is to keep evolving and growing as a team.”

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