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Comedians team up for satirical chat show

McTernan and SutherlandScottish comedian and actor Jojo Sutherland has  teamed up with actor Joe McTernan for a new satirical chat show at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

The JojoJoe Show: Behind The Chat is a six parter in which viewers get to see all the raw, uncensored truths, demands and antics celebrities and their agents get up to before an interview.

Each six minute episode will be tailored to the individual guest to create a unique, memorable and hilarious chat show style interview, featuring some of the UK’s best-loved comedians, including, Stephen K Amos, Jo Caulfield, Tom Stade, Daniel Sloss, Zoe Lyons and Seymour Mace.

McTernan and Sutherland (pictured), who are seeking sponsors for the show, starred in MUFF, an online comedy which also featured Stade and Sloss.

Sutherland said:  “Between acting, stand up and MC’ing for the last 20 years at the Fringe, I thought I’d done and seen it all until Joe and I sat down and came up with this brilliant idea to do something a bit different where we would show the audience what really goes on behind the scenes before a celebrity interview.

“We had such a laugh co-writing it and have already received great feedback on it. The style is very much Alan Partridge meets Mrs Merton -Jojo went on to say that it will be a tongue in cheek style with the added benefit of knowing our guests personally and who we consider to be friends which will automatically give a more genuine and in depth “interview”.

All characters, including the leading pair, will be playing fictionalised versions of themselves and all events will be scripted. Filming will take place in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival in August 2016 at various locations and venues in the city.

Award-winning actor McTernan has worked creatively within the comedy industry for the last five years and had a leading role in Beardyman’s latest music video, ‘Mountainside’.

Most recently he starred and co-directed Foster’s Comedy Award comedian Seymour Mace’s new sitcom pilot. He is currently writing, directing and performing in a pilot TV sketch show with cinematographer, Troy Edige, who was also part of the M.U.F.F team and who is now working on the The JojoJoe Show.

He said:  “I’m delighted to be working with Jojo and Troy again. The three of us really hit it off during M.U.F.F. and didn’t want the fun to stop there.  It’s great that so many big names have signed up to be our guests on the chat show and we fully intend to create a chat show that will be the talk of the town and we’re expecting to unveil a few more ‘secret’ special guests in the next couple of months.”

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