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Hunter Foundation offers digital scale-up support

Sir Tom Hunter: scale ups move the economic dial (pic: Terry Murden)

An online version of the Scale Up Scotland programme run by the Hunter Foundation will be offered to Scottish entrepreneurs as follow-up action to the recommendations in a recently-commissioned report.

Scale Up Scotland Digital complements the existing in-person programme and supports the findings of the report published by Oxford Economics.

It indicated a need for radical change to significantly boost Scotland’s economic growth, including fostering more scale-ups. 

Each module in the new programme has been created by either a business leader who can share their expertise and experience, or an academic with a wealth of knowledge on the subject.  

Completely free of charge, Scale Up Scotland Digital also offers entrepreneurs the chance to learn from their peers.


Delivered by The Hunter Foundation, Scale Up Scotland Digital is part-funded by the Scottish Government via Scottish Enterprise. 

Business leaders who have contributed their knowledge and experiences include: Andrew Veitch (Machine Labs); Gavin Quirk (Netflix); Chris Wilson (Opto Advisory); Gordon Cooper (VisionWare); and Helen Potter (Eureka!Europe). More will be added as the platform grows.

Professor Ignacio Canales (University of Aberdeen Business School), and high-profile business advisers such as Bob Keiller are also offering their support.

Sir Tom Hunter, founder of The Hunter Foundation, said: “It’s not just important to help entrepreneurs start their business, it’s vital to give them the tools they need to grow it.  

“Start-ups are good but scale-ups are what move the economic dial and move it must for Scotland’s future. 

“If you’re going to grow a big business, you can’t do it yourself. You need to learn from the people around you, from those who have gone before you and from those who have failed and pivoted.”

Linda Hanna, interim chief executive, Scottish Enterprise, said: “The Hunter Foundation deserves huge credit for identifying the changing ways in which entrepreneurs share experiences and ideas, and for creating a comprehensive package of support that’s fit for the digital age.”

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