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EnergyTech initiative aims to boost innovation

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Sir Ian Wood: critical role

Barclays Eagle Labs, in partnership with Opportunity North East, a private sector led group, and CodeBase, the UK’s largest technology incubator, is launching an EnergyTech initiative to accelerate innovation in the UK Energy sector.  

The partners will work with industry leaders to bring together global EnergyTech investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and government leaders at a virtual launch event.

It takes place on Tuesday 29 September and will feature a panel of speakers, including: Sir Ian Wood, oil services tycoon and chairman of ONE; Horace Dediu, founder and celebrated tech analyst; Siobhan Clarke, BP Launchpad operating partner; Sarah Moore, Peterson executive director and tech founder; and Bill Nuttall, the Open University’s Professor of Energy.

Sir Ian Wood said: “The partnership highlights the critical role the North East of Scotland will play to deliver new energy solutions and investments that address the changing global energy demand and climate change challenge.” 

The EnergyTech initiative aims to:

  • Address the different types of innovation (disruptive, sustaining and diversification) that are key to transforming the sector;
  • Spread best practice from other sectors;
  • Educate on a range of topics from Lean Startup to VC/CVC risk-thinking;
  • Support participants building new, sustainable value propositions; 
  • Use the full power of our Eagle Lab network of startups and maker spaces;
  • Share domain expertise from our industry partners;
  • Allow participants to learn, collaborate, design and share in the spirit of Open Innovation.

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