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Deep Matter deal helps speed up drug process at AstraZeneca

Mark Warne

Mark Warne: exciting collaboration

Scottish digital chemistry firm DeepMatter has announced a collaboration with AstraZeneca to help the pharmaceuticals giant speed up the development of new drugs.

Glasgow-based DeepMatter, which is quoted on the Alternative Investment Market, is aiming to integrate chemistry with technology, using its DigitalGlassware platform to enable a greater use of artificial intelligence in medical treatments.

Michael Kossenjans, an R&D specialist at AstraZeneca, said: “Our goal is to transform drug design using innovative digital technologies in combination with automation and AI.

Deep Matter scientist

Deep Matter sees opportunities in knowledge sharing

“To get potential new medicines to patients faster, we need to reduce the cycle time for lead identification and optimisation and look forward to working with DeepMatter to assess the potential of DigitalGlassware to help with this.”

Mark Warne, CEO of DeepMatter, said: “We see an opportunity to draw together knowledge from the DigitalGlassware platform to enable machine learning and AI technologies to increase the certainty of producing a high quality and choice of candidate drug molecules.

“We look forward to progressing this exciting collaboration over the coming months as we continue to maximise the potential of the DigitalGlassware platform.”

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