Conservative manifesto

Johnson wants Brexit done quickly, drops £80k income tax plan

Boris Johnson ready to get on with Brexit

Boris Johnson has pledged tighter immigration controls, no increases to income tax, national insurance and VAT and said he will bring the Brexit bill back to parliament before Christmas.

However, a plan to lift income tax thresholds for middle-earners to £80,000, announced during the Tory leadership campaign, has been dropped. Mr Johnson said this “was not the time” to introduce it.

This measure would have given a tax cut of up to £6,000 but was estimated to cost the Treasury around £8 billion.

Publishing the Conservative manifesto, he repeated his pledge to “get Brexit done”, review business rates, and set out a number of other promises, mainly focused on education and health in England.

He wants to raise the NI threshold to £9,500 next year with an ambition to take it to £12,500.

On Brexit, he intends to get the bill ratified in parliament in the week between the election and Christmas so that it is done before the UK is due to leave the EU on 31 January.

The manifesto rules out extending the transition period beyond the 31 December 2020 deadline.

A new National Skills Fund of £600m a year for five years is similar to plans announced by Labour and the Liberal Democrats, while the Manifesto proposes a review of Entrepreneurs’ Relief, noting that “some measures haven’t fully delivered on their objectives”.  Analysts believe the review a reaction to Labour’s proposal to abolish entrepreneurs’ relief completely.

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