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SNP will back Corbyn if he grants second Scottish referendum

Nicola Sturgeon speaking

Nicola Sturgeon: demands (pic: Terry Murden)

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has laid out her party’s conditions for supporting Jeremy Corbyn in a hung parliament. 

The First Minister demanded the right to a second independence referendum for Scotland, the opportunity to stay in the EU and removing Trident nuclear weapons from the Clyde.

The conditions will not apply to the Conservative party as Ms Sturgeon said the SNP will not support another Tory government.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has wavered on Scottish independence, saying he would not grant a new poll in the early years of a Labour government. He has stated that he will not seek a coalition with any other party.

The SNP will demand:

  • The right of the people of Scotland to choose our own future and escape Brexit;
  • A real end to austerity;
  • Devolution of powers over migration, drug laws and employment law so that Scotland can take our own approach;
  • Real action on climate change – demanding that the UK goes further and faster and matches the scale of Scotland’s world leading ambitions;
  • An end to the two child cap, the rape clause, and an end to the inequity of universal credit which is pushing so many families into poverty;
  • No more nuclear weapons on the Clyde.

Ms Sturgeon said: “A vote for the SNP is a vote to escape Brexit and put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.

“We will not put Boris Johnson, or any other Tory, into office.

“But any other prospective Prime Minister must understand that, in the event of another hung parliament, the support of the SNP cannot be taken for granted.

“We’re standing on a platform of ending austerity, tackling climate change, fixing our broken welfare state and scrapping Trident. We’ll hold any government to those demands.

“But we’ll also expect Scotland to be given the power to make our own choices on crucial issues like migration, drug laws and rights at work.

“And if any leader is not willing to back the right of the people of Scotland to choose our own future, they shouldn’t even pick up the phone to ask for SNP support.

“In Scotland, the SNP is the main challenger in every Tory-held seat – only the SNP can beat the Tories in Scotland.”

The SNP is also proposing a radical package of reforms to improve corporate responsibility and tackle misconduct – including a new legal duty to act in the social interest. 

Company directors will have a legal responsibility to act in the interests of wider stakeholders as well as shareholders, embedding corporate responsibility in law.

The SNP’s manifesto, to be unveiled this week, will also include proposals to tighten regulations on the behaviour of senior bankers – reversing a loosening of rules under the Tories. 

SNP MPs will:
•    support an increase in shareholders’ rights to intervene in the running of a business
•    press the UK Government to amend the Companies Act 2006 so that directors have a duty to promote the interests of a companies’ wider stakeholders as well as members and shareholders
•    support the introduction of effective legal protections to ensure small businesses are paid on time
•    support the reinstatement of the reverse burden of proof which, before being removed by the Tories, required senior bank managers to demonstrate they had done the right thing where wrongdoing had emerged on their watch
•    press for the public interest to be fully protected in any future disposal of RBS shares, including decisions on how any windfall revenues should be used.

One Comment to SNP will back Corbyn if he grants second Scottish referendum

  1. Why is Nicola Sturgeon giving Corbyn the authority to GRANT a Scottish referendum? No Prime Minister has that authority! Only the People of Scotland have that authority. A Prime Minister only has the authority to ACKNOWLEDGE the right of the Scottish Government and Parliament to hold a referendum on independence!

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