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Lone workers app unveiled by software firm

Companion appAn app that transforms a smartphone into a lone worker protection device has been developed by Glasgow software specialists.

Safe Shores Monitoring has £800,000 into its Companion Application to ensure employees working alone are safe from danger. 

In an industry first, Companion offers an integrated, cross-platform internet of things (IoT) connected lone worker application. The app is connected by Safe Shores Monitoring’s Police Preferred Specification Archangel cloud service to deliver a contextually-aware, intelligence-driven solution. 

The app includes a screen-lock button override which can be pressed discretely if circumstances prevent the lone worker from speaking or indicating they need help.

Companion uses sophisticated location technologies, including the phone’s GPS to trace the location of the user, which can then be shared with emergency services if required. Features of the app enable system users to record and report their working activities and stay safe. 

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