Energy plan

Scots storage system may prolong Slovenian mine

The Velenje mine in Slovenia

A Scottish engineering company is working with a Slovenian mine about installing its energy storage technology to give it a low-carbon future.

Gravitricity is undertaking a feasibility study with HSE Group, owner of the Velenje coal mine, on how its system of dropping weights down mine shafts could be used at the lignite mine.

Edinburgh firm Gravitricity could offer a low carbon future as the mine winds down operations in the 2030s.

It has developed a unique energy storage system, known as GraviStore, which raises and lowers heavy weights in underground shafts.

Velenje is the latest mine to look to gravity storage, following similar projects in Finland, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

Engineers from Gravitricity have visited Slovenia and believe a trial project in a ventilation shaft could begin as early as next year.

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