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Self-employed may pay for support they didn’t get

Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak is proposing to raise taxes

Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s proposed autumn tax raid would see more than a million self-employed workers pay for support they never received, it has been claimed.

Mr Sunak is plotting hikes on a range of taxes such as capital gains and corporation tax in order to raise between £20bn and £30bn to help pay for the cost of Covid-19 support.

IPSE (the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed) says many self-employed pay themselves with dividends and have yet to receive any subsidy.

It said raising corporation tax and national insurance contributions to pay for partial support during coronavirus would be “unjust, uneconomical – and unbelievable”. 

IPSE has argued that making the 1.5 million “forgotten” self-employed pay for support they did not get would be unfair.

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It has also said that given the slump in the number of self-employed it would also be uneconomical to squeeze the sector further. 

Andy Chamberlain, director of policy at IPSE, said: “The last few months have financially hammered the self-employed, with over two-thirds seeing a drop in demand for their work.

“Government support was some help – to a proportion of the self-employed. More noticeable, though, was the 1.5 million who fell through the gaps, leaving many financially devastated. 

“The idea that this 1.5 million should now suffer a drastic tax hike to pay for support they never got is unjust, uneconomical – and unbelievable. If the government is really considering this, it must stop now. 

“Normally, the self-employed would be expected to play a major part in recovery during an economic crisis. This quarter, however, we have seen the biggest drop in self-employed numbers on record.

“If the government wants to avoid the country slumping further into recession, it must not squeeze this struggling and vital sector with unjust tax hikes.”

44 Comments to Self-employed may pay for support they didn’t get

  1. The government seem hell-bent on pushing us ALL into zero rights employment. Covid-19 must be a blessing in disguise for them, and the final death knell for many small businesses.

  2. No way will Rishi or Boris get the 3 million excluded to pay a penny for NOT getting any meaningful support. I’ve had zero from this government and I refuse to pay anything towards this governments debts as they did sod all to help me! What an utter disgrace of a government this is!

  3. I am not self employed but employed and had to take a 20% pay cut during covid although I worked throughout. The thought of my taxes being raised to fund those who got an extended paid holiday stinks. I want to help the economy but feel I’m being stung twice though taking a pay cut and now having to pay more tax to help pay for those that were subsidised. The government might has well offered loans instead with those benefiting being made to pay it back over the next 10 years. I also will get stung with capital gains tax that we brought for son to live in until he could save it to buy it. Same for self employed who didn’t claim any help.

  4. I’m a self employed housekeeper and have been for five years aswell as in years previously.
    I was struggling financially before covid as a single person but now I can’t afford to eat and rely on universal credit to pay my rent.
    I’m in debt up to my eyeballs and finding it difficult to find clients because they don’t want me in their homes due to the virus and their fear.
    If I have to pay anything I will have to declare myself bankrupt.
    I just can’t run my rented house, feed my dogs and keep up with the bills and cost of living.
    I feel guilty for even having to claim anything but after seeing the news about Somalie men use hotel rooms paid for by the tax payer to rape girls I no longer feel that guilt because I started work when I was 14!!!!!!!
    I’m now 49 with no pension and no savings or anyone to share the burden of living costs…
    Bollocks to being self employed I GIVE UP!!!!

  5. IR 35 delayed for the next 10 years , audit to all freelance accountants that closed PSC ‘s company’s without notice
    (through this action they had cashed in the poor freelancer money and didn’t paid any NI contributions and other taxes)
    Change the law with regards of who’s financially responsible for payments towards the State / Inland Revenue/ Tax Office
    Not just the Director but the Accountant as well ( as they both should share the responsibility in front of the tax office ( one report to be acknowledged and sprouted by the other on the monthly basis) and to be also accountable for not paying and reporting the state pension payments among the rest of the payments , hike the taxation with 30 per cent but approve and acknowledge that the tax addition is towards the retirement.

  6. Been self employed for 30 years , never missed a tax payment and you want me now to pay more when you’ve given me nothing ! I would’ve been paid more if I had turned up in a dingy from Calais , stop paying every freeloader that comes across the border and sending billions to corrupt foreign aid projects and start looking after the people who put you in the lucrative job you hold …… those who have put in the pot should now be allowed to take some out

    • There are more billionaires living in London than any other city in the world. And where are their businesses registered? Off. Shore. Blaming more vulnerable people than yourself in is a distraction tactic encouraged by the right to keep us proles in our place and begging those in charge for “real change”. It’s time to cancel the subscription to sensationalism daily and start pushing for accountability from the rich.

  7. They dare not ,2018 to 2109 I was on PAYE n became self employed 2019 to 2020 n cuz it was first time doing ma tax returns I did not get de covid support grant or the 80% grant, so how can I pay for money I caried for n went for review on it n still couldn’t get it. Please come again

  8. Once again the government is trying to take money from people who simply don’t have it. This would be like getting blood out of a stone. If they want money back go to those who have millions. …

  9. This would be an outrage. I have received nothing from the Govenment in respect of Coivd-19; excluded for having had a good year in 2018-19 with profits in excess of £50k. I pay a huge amount in tax each year and get nothing back in return. Now it looks as if I will have to dig deep again in order to help fund all those who earned over £50,000 but who were able to sit at home and enjoy a furloughed holiday while I had to try and find ways of paying my mortgage.

    • I received nothing either on both covid-19 self employed support grants, as I have not been eligible for it. This would be totally unfair for people in my position who also wasn’t eligible to receive the grant in being forced to make up the mends of the shortfall comparing to those that had been eligible and received the covid-19 self employed support grant.

  10. We struggled the last couple of months. If I hadn’t been working we would have lost everything. My husband is a limited company so like most of you received no support not even universal credit apparently I was earning to much but still had to pay all the bills there were some days we ate only 1 meal and now we wikl be shafted again why should he pay more out when he had nothing from the government

  11. Self Employed People are struggling due to the affects of COVID19. Corona has badly affected all the business in the UK. If tax the govt tries to increase TAX on self employed people, many people will come out of self employment.
    Rishi Sonak helped the self employed people which is appreciated but if he increases TAX , that will be counter productive.

  12. I never received any help because of a pension i took in 2018 I had saved this for 25 the chancellor wants to hike the national insurance payment by 3% for me to pay extra for receiving nothing is criminal so bitter towards the government penalised for saving my own money.

  13. I started selfemployed subcontractor in April 2019, I had to buy tools plus a van for Work.never had any time of. Until 26th march 2020 for lockdown. Then got told I could not get 80percent. I got one payment of £409 from jobcentre, in the 8weeks I was off. You got part timers and people what only bin employed for 3 months and thay could get 80 percent. You got people coming into this country for Work, and thay got 80 percent on lockdown. I was born in this country bin working since I was nine. But I don’t get anything because I went selfemployed. Are government stinks. And now there on about putting tax up so thay can get there Monday bk. Why should we pay any extra tax r national insurance when us selfemployed never got a package deal.

  14. I have been self employed for 2 years didn’t get anything but before self employed I was paying everything and we are part of this country with 3 children

  15. I’m a self-employed taxi driver with £12,000 a year income and I haven’t received no help at all whatsoever I couldn’t get any help from HMRC nor can I get a loan from the bank and I couldn’t even get a budget loan from Universal Credit so I have received no help at all whatsoever and I am struggling by as the business is not as good as it used to be.

  16. I am both employed and self employed, but received no help whatsoever. Its about time the Government clawed back from those who did so well out if this they’ve managed to buy new cars, home improvemnts etc, a d all those employed who were paid to stay at home. Why should all of us who received nothing be singled out 😡

  17. What a joke. You’ve taken back from people that didn’t get help .why not take back from the people that did .won’t be long before there will be no small self employed businesses. New government needed .

  18. Sunak stop bullying the self employed. We are not responsible for the pandemic. As a self employed person, I did not get any help. I am still on the waiting list for bounce back loan, been waiting for 3 months. I will never vote for this party anymore. All they care about is their family and friends. Any party that will help the self employed will get my vote. And Sunak, stop this ir35 nonsense. This was inherited from the previous govt. Do the right think and dont send people to an early grave!

  19. This man must really have a problem with self employment. I am self employed. I have received little help. I have been placed on the waiting list for more than 2 months for bounce back loan. Banks are playing god.This so call chancellor and govt is still bent on pushing ir35. This has affected a lot of contractors, most were laid off. I don’t know where the govt will get the money if most self employed are not earning. Coronavirus is not the fault of the self employed. So Sunil stop bullying the self employed community. I will definitely not vote for conservatives any more. My vote is for any party who will take care and respect the self employed.

  20. Self employed people don’t get any benefits from paying national insurance, no holiday pay or sick pay etc. So why should they pay more for nothing in return

  21. I feel let down by the government I voted in and was starting to feel I was the only one that was forgotten about. But reading some of your messages, I’m really feeling for those self-employed people, it’s really not fair at all.
    I’ve not been self-employed for long which now looks like I’m going to have to go back to a full time work for someone else, but the guys who have been self-employed for 10 or more years should of automatically been helped. Bad on you Rishi and Mr Johnson

    • If you haven’t already check out #ExcludedUK both on FB and Twitter. There’s a whole community of self employed in the same boat and lots of advice/support. You’re definitely not alone!

  22. Totally agree the Government are only out to do away with the self employed, totally the same happened in Thatchers reign during a resection, just because we the self employed are willing to get off our backsides and not windge about it we are getting penilised greater,

  23. Yes I total agree why should us self employed who had to pinch and scrape from March with out money we didn’t benefit from the government so why should we pay more N/l and other rises just to get them more money makes you sick they didn’t have to worry stuck in there big houses and some of us nearly lost ours whey didn’t they just pay all self employed £3000 across the board instead of some of us getting nothing to live on

  24. I m self employed from 3 years.I appleid for first grant since june but didn,t get any money and also didn,t get any answer from HMRC.
    I m facing to much dificultiy no paying rent landlad asking me but what can i do.since six month my shop is closed becuase I do beauty work there and I have a health issue I cann,t continue my work there.I m very upset govment didn,t give me any response.

  25. No help from the government been left behind and then asked to pay for what everyone else has been given is a disgrace. Still no sign of my work picking up .need to get rid of this government they are clueless.

  26. 43 years of paying tax and NI. Another 2 years paying tax paying in dividends but PAYING TAX. Kicked out of a contract due to Covid. Four months on not a penny from sunack. Spent unpaid corporation tax and VAT in bank to pay rent and food. Down £12k. Slowly clawing back. HMRC persuing lost payments aggressively. Never mind increases in corp tax etc, this sector requires backdated furlough monies! Voted for this shower for three years and never again!

  27. Hope this doesn’t transpire.. We were advised to be a Ltd company some yrs ago and since CV19 the date the account was filed meant got no financial help Zero throughout.. Yet paid taxes and supported and paid/helped various trades and services for over 15years in this country everyday. Not too bad in summer trades could find outside work, open windows, request clients to go out etc.. now it looks like not only will we be squeezed further but have to risk it by going into people’s homes to make up for any loss.. Which will be less than ideal in winter with no ventilation, families at home with colds doing rounds etc.. Thanks very much tax man you know how to reward the chickens that lays yours f-ing eggs!

  28. Rushi needs to become a self employed worker to see we can’t get mortgages can’t get loans which you said we wid get
    Rushi your a lier

  29. This guy must be dreaming,first of all I was dropped out of the support because I was a newly self employed and had worked fo 10 months so I was disqualified,and now you are telling me to pay for money which I didn’t received,please get into our shoes and annalise it.let me make it clear over here,if you need your money back, then the system should be WHO TAKES WHO PAYS and nothing more or less.

  30. I’ve been self-employed for over 25 years and have not been able to work since 23rd March as I work in events/conferences/exbibitions/theatres so everything has been shut down and I don’t know when I’ll be able to resume working.. I’m single, living on my own with a mortgage and close to losing my home as I don’t have family to help financially.. We need help more than ever…this would be the final nail in the coffin for me and other like me. Why should we the pay the same National Insurance as those that are on we don’t receive sick pay or get paid for holidays!!

  31. You seem to be forgetting the impact that ir35 has had on the self employed even though it was delayed until April 2021 it’s devastates the contracting sector and closed off pretty much all avenues to make money in the UK from contracting and as you said this is the flexible workforce the country will need during recovery

  32. Iv been off work after having a heart attack can’t get sick pay because I’m self employed and they want me to pay more tax

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