Green travel plan

Cash offer to swap polluting vehicles for ebikes

Michael Matheson with Ben Cooper, Kinetics, and Ellie Grebenik, Energy Saving Trust (pic: Scottish Government)

Micro business owners and commuters are being offered cash to buy a bicycle if they trade in their gas-guzzling vehicles.

The Scottish Government has launched the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) Mobility Fund, offering cash incentives and Travel Better vouchers, if “non-compliant” vehicles are removed from Scotland’s roads.

Administered by Energy Saving Trust, this programme is means-tested and offers help to those most impacted.

It provides individuals and micro-businesses with financial support to travel more sustainably and comply with forthcoming measures to improve air quality and protect public health.

The £2 million fund provides households with a grant of £2,000 to remove a vehicle, or up to two £500 mobility grants or Travel Better vouchers to purchase a bike, e-bike or public transport voucher.

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For micro-businesses, the fund provides a flat incentive of £2,500 per car or van to remove a non-compliant vehicle, replace it with a compliant vehicle, or to invest in an alternative mode of transport such as an e-cargo bike.

In addition, £1 million is again being made available in 2020/21 to support the retrofitting of light goods vehicles, heavy goods vehicles and taxis through the LEZ Retrofitting Fund for micro-businesses.

Collectively, these two funding steams represent the Low Emission Zone Support Fund – and both are delivered through Energy Saving Trust.

This funding supports the Programme for Government commitment to restart work on LEZs and supports earlier commitments to help those who will have the most difficulty in making the transition to the introduction of LEZs.

Transport Secretary Michael Matheson said: “The LEZ Mobility Fund will provide immediate assistance to households and businesses that are most impacted by the anticipated emission standards – and that will be enforced sometime after 2022.

“Through this support, we’re improving air quality in advance of the introduction of LEZs.

“We’re encouraging the disposal of non-compliant vehicles and responding to the climate emergency, by encouraging a shift to more sustainable forms of travel within our cities through new Travel Better vouchers.

“For taxi drivers or small businesses that wish to retrofit existing vehicles, in order to comply with forthcoming emissions standards, support remains available.

“I would encourage everyone to think about how Low Emission Zones may affect them and to visit for the latest information.”

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