Call for power shift

SSE urges parties to step up plans for renewable energy

Berry Burn wind

Wind farms ‘need more backing’

Energy firm SSE has called on political leaders to put renewable power at the forefront of plans to tackle climate change.

Alistair Phillips-Davies, chief executive, says the next Government should step up its efforts on offshore and onshore wind in a bid to reach the UK’s Net Zero by 2050 targets.

The most recent offshore wind auctions achieved record low prices and more projects could be built quickly to help decarbonise the UK’s power generation.

Mr Phillips-Davies said:  “The climate emergency needs action now and offshore wind has proven itself to be one of the most cost effective ways this country can decarbonise and get on the road to Net Zero.

“Coupled with lifting the moratorium on onshore, the next Government could deliver at least another 10GW of clean, green energy, before the end of its term – enough to power over seven million homes.

“SSE is committed to investing in low carbon infrastructure and the next five years are critical if the UK is to take climate action.”

In September, SSE won contracts to build the UK’s largest offshore wind farm to-date, at Doggerbank off the east coast of England.  It will also build Scotland’s largest wind-farm, Seagreen, off the coast of Fife.  Due to be completed in the mid 2020s, together they will support the UK in decarbonising its electricity generation of the future. 

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