Fury over policy

McGill’s bus chief accuses council of favouring ‘polluting’ cars

McGill's bus

Buses losing out to cars says McGill’s boss

McGill’s Buses boss Ralph Roberts has delivered a stinging attack on a local authority for favouring “polluting” car-borne travel.

Mr Roberts accused Renfrewshire Council of pouring infrastructure investment into supporting private motorists in order to win votes from a population with a high level of car ownership.

The company said it had re-aligned its business to offset a sharp decline in bus passengers resulting from fewer visits to shopping centres.

However, the problems for bus companies were exacerbated by policies at national and local government level which favoured trains and cars.

“Government policy at national and local level favours the car and train with the bulk of infrastructure investment going to these two modes, he said.

“Buses deliver 74% of public transport journeys yet this mode receives peppercorn levels of infrastructure investment.

“We are talking to government at a national level to release more funding for the bus user but local government sees this as high risk as it will bring voter backlash from car users. Local politicians need to remember that buses users are also voters.

“The bulk of our business revenues are earned in the local authority area which has the highest car ownership in Scotland – Renfrewshire – so it is unsurprising that this local authority chooses this polluting mode over green public transport when looking at where they spend their budget.  Road traffic is up 29% since 1990 and this is the inevitable conclusion of these car centric policies.”

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