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Envipco among VIBES finalists for environment partnership


Spencer Roberts and Dennis Williams (Premier Broadway Convenience Store) with P6 pupils Nathan Hambling, Thomas McLeod, Zara Jenkinson, Matthew Hambling, P6 teacher Carly McKenna and John Lee

International reverse vending machine (RVM) manufacturer Envipco is delighted to be included in the final six candidates in the Partnerships category of the VIBES Awards.

The annual awards held by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) celebrate and acknowledge businesses in Scotland that have taken significant steps to improve, impact or introduce best practices to reduce environmental damage. The awards recognise and showcase the best efforts to achieve improved environmental performance and associated economic and social benefits.

The VIBES partnership category is a new addition in 2019, honouring those who have created a partnership that has planned and resourced efforts to foster cooperation, environmental protection, community development, and sharing technical knowledge.

After a three-stage assessment phase, Envipco has joined a final group of six.

Spencer Roberts, Envipco UK Managing Director, said: “We couldn’t be more proud to be finalists for the VIBES partnerships awards. Envipco has worked tirelessly with our friends at the Scottish Grocers Federation, Viridor, Nisa, Premier and Keystore to deliver meaningful data on what a deposit return scheme will mean for Scottish retailers and communities.


“It was our ambition from the very beginning to share knowledge, foster cooperation and ensure every view was heard so that our partnership produced results of real benefit to the local community and the debate on deposit return.

“While we’re delighted to reach the final stage, we’re prouder still that the legacy of our work together continues as Scotland prepares to introduce a deposit return scheme by 2021.”

Envipco and the Scottish Grocers Federation (SGF) formed a partnership to launch a three-month reverse vending machine trial in three convenience stores – Nisa Local and Post Office Bellshill, Premier Broadway Oxgangs, and Keystore Moredun. Recycling company Viridor joined the partnership and collected material without charge. Each store was fitted with an Envipco FLEX machine.

As of February 2019, no reverse vending machine trial had shed light on how Scotland’s 5000 convenience stores would potentially be impacted by the introduction of a Scottish deposit return scheme. The trial sought to establish a statistical average and how best the project could encourage lasting changes in recycling habits and community participation.

It was our ambition from the very beginning to share knowledge, foster cooperation and ensure every view was heard

– Spencer Roberts

All partners agreed to environmental and social objectives for the trial, seeking to realise a new way to improve environmental performance, the sustainable development of a circular economy, and enhance the competitiveness of local businesses.

Store owners agreed to collect empty PET bottles and drinks cans in exchange for 10p store vouchers or 10p donations to local causes. Nisa Bellshill supported St Andrews Hospice, Premier Broadway the Pentland Primary School, and Keystore Moredun the Goodtrees Neighbourhood Centre.

John Lee, Head of Policy and Public Affairs, for the Scottish Grocers Federation, said: “Working in partnership with Envipco has produced an invaluable relationship that continues to help the SGF engage on the deposit return debate in Scotland. As a reverse vending machine provider, Envipco has been integral in allowing us a better understanding of the scale and practicalities of the reverse vending machine technology involved, and we will be continuing this partnership going forward.”

Customers returned a total 57,491 containers (32,941 Can and 24,550 PET containers). The three stores in Scotland were trialling the Envipco FLEX from 11 February to 14 May before presenting their finding at the Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Independent Convenience Stores on May 21. Oxgangs Premier Convenience Store raised £1450 for Pentland Primary School; Nisa Store & Post Office £2300 for St. Andrews Hospice and Keystore Moredun £750 for Goodtrees Neighbourhood Centre.

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