The proposals have caused alarm in affected areas where residents are urging the airport to rethink the plans. A public consultation closes on 13 April.

Stuart Wilson, who represents Uplawmoor Community Council, said there would be flights over the village every few minutes. He criticised the airport for not consulting the community earlier.

A Glasgow Airport spokesman said: “The flight paths have not changed materially in decades. As is the case with wider UK airspace infrastructure, they are no longer fit for purpose.

“There is a need for Glasgow to modernise the departure paths, however it is important to stress that what we have put forward are only proposals.

“We can only make changes once we have considered the views of all those who respond directly to the consultation.

“Those views will then be presented to our regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority, who will ultimately make the decision on whether or not we can proceed, however, we will of course take on board all of the views that were expressed as we consider our next steps.”

Proposed changes to Edinburgh Airport’s flight paths have been held up on technical grounds but have also prompted thousands of complaints.

Edinburgh Airport says it needs to alter flight paths to cope with increasing numbers of passengers.