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Reward for eco-friendly business

Revive’s coffee waste process wins Shell prize

Scott Kennedy and Fergus Moore

Scott Kennedy and Fergus Moore: profit with purpose

Two young Scottish entrepreneurs have won a £7,600 prize for developing a way of turning coffee waste into fertiliser.

Fergus Moore and Scott Kennedy are behind Revive Eco which offers a unique recycling service to create 100% natural, high-quality fertiliser, suitable for industrial use.

The process has seen them receive the cash prize after being named runner-up in the Shell LiveWIRE Top Ten Innovators Awards.

In partnership with a UK waste management company Glasgow-based Revive Eco is collecting used coffee grounds from businesses across Scotland and then extracting the high-value chemicals.

There are 1.7 billion cups of coffee sold across the UK every year which produces 500,000 tonnes of ground coffee waste, 90% of which ends up in landfill or is incinerated. This waste would cover 460,000 acres, enough to cover Glasgow 11 times.

The business studies graduates set up the company in 2015 in Strathclyde Enterprise Hub with fellow former student Rebecca Richardson.

Mr Kennedy said: “We have partnerships and wide variety of coffee waste producers which gives us access to the volume of coffee waste which need to run a sustainable business.

“Our goal is to use our innovative business to disrupt global industries and in turn enable us to make money with meaning, profit with purpose.

Mr Moore added: “Our core competitive advantage lies within our process, which we’ve developed in a world-renowned research institute. This process allows us to extract oils from the coffee in a far cleaner and more efficient manner than previously possible.

“We will be focusing on the cosmetics ingredients market, which is currently why over 18 billion pounds. From the residual material left over, we will then be creating a fertilizer and a biomass pellet product, meaning we’ll be creating additional value from our own waste streams.


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