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Launch of business network

Deans and Oliver build new advisory team

Richard Oliver and Gary Deans:
Richard Oliver and Gary Deans: new network (photo by Terry Murden)

Two senior accountants have joined forces to create Strathblair Associates, a business providing experienced advisers-for-hire to companies as an alternative to dedicated non-executive directors.

Gary Deans and Richard Oliver have assembled a dozen senior figures who will provide their expertise to growing companies across a number of disciplines.

Mr Deans, a former KPMG executive, said: “Companies may need some specific help on, say succession planning, but instead of getting it from one source they can get it from a range of people.”

Business partner Mr Oliver has worked at managing director, finance director and non-executive levels in a range of international and Scottish businesses.

“We know that, for many people, running a business can be a very lonely place, so it’s important that business owners can work with people who have been there before,” he said.

Joining the core team (listed below) is serial director Marie Macklin who said: “I believe that businesses need help to scale and fulfil their potential.  Growing, ambitious businesses benefit all of us, and I am delighted to be advising and supporting Strathblair.”

Brian Williamson, chairman of Brightworks and founder of Jumpstart, has agreed to be an ambassador for the business.

Strathblair team: Ailsa Gray, David Sands, John Campbell, Stewart Davie, Patrick Neville, Gordon Craig, Jim Mathieson, Jack Ogston, Louise Dougan, David Reid and Keith Thompson.


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