Dorsey wants network to open up

Twitter confirms changes to ease confusion for users

TwitterTwitter has confirmed plans to simplify the way it is used and make it more attractive as a conversational tool.

As forecast last week, users will be able to add photos and videos to tweets without reducing the limit of 140 characters for each post.

Images account for 23 characters and the opportunity to write longer tweets has been welcomed by many regular users, particularly social media editor and marketers.

Co-founder and chief executive Jack Dorsey says he wants the service to make more sense, which means loosening a number of restrictions.

Changes to be introduced later this year will mean that @names in replies to tweets will also not be counted towards the character limit.

A more significant change is that any new tweet – one that isn’t a reply to someone else’s tweet – and starts with a username will now be seen by all of a person’s followers. At present, these posts are only seen by a person’s followers if they are also following the named user.

This change should make it easier for more people to be involved with all users in a discussion.

Users will also be able to retweet themselves which gives them an opportunity to dig out old tweets and/or add new comments.

The changes are the latest in a series of tweaks to the service. Since February tweets are no longer listed in chronological order. The company removed the 140-character limit in direct messages last year.

Mr Dorsey said he hoped the changes would make Twitter less confusing which, in turn would help attract more users. Twitter has seen user numbers level off in the past year.


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