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New brand for growing market

Glasgow brewery launches alcohol-free beer

Nix West alcohol free beer

Independent brewery, West, is targeting the growing market for alcohol-free beer with a new brand.

Using the Bavarian for ‘nothing’, NIX launches UK-wide and the Glasgow-based brewer, run by German Petra Wetzel, is pitching it to several supermarket chains.

Offering two different beers – NIX lager 0.0% ABV and NIX wheat 0.0% ABV – the brand believes it captures some of the taste lacking in some non-alcohol beers.

Ms Wetzel said: “The major problem with alcohol-free beer to date has been that it usually tastes like wet cardboard.”

The brewery, overlooking Glasgow Green, will initially produce 74,000 bottles.

A recent survey by industry giant AB InBev has found that:

10% of women drink alcohol-free beer every week

19% of Brits can’t taste the difference between alcoholic and alcohol-free beer

32% of Brits have now tried alcohol-free beer, with millennials (those aged between 18 and 34) the most inclined to drink it over Christmas and the New Year

and 21% of those aged between 18 and 34 are likely to choose alcohol-free beer in January – a rise 10%.

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