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Six million tune in to watch final

Aussie Mark is Lord Sugar’s Apprentice

Mark WrightLord Sugar may have been a pioneer in the home computer market, but he still admits to being baffled by new technology.

So it was a little surprising that he opted to back a digital marketing idea in selecting the winner of the 10th BBC series of The Apprentice last night.

Sugar, who made his fortune launching Amstrad in the 1980s, chose 25-year-old Australian Mark Wright over fellow finalist Bianca Miller.

Her plan involved buidling a business around a new range of ladies tights which seemed to be more in keeping with the tycoon’s preference for product-led companies.

But he said he was prepared to take a chance on Wright who had shown himself to be a good salesman and an impressive candidate from the 20 who entered the latest series.

Wright will receive a £250,000 investment for his nascent company which involves digital marketing and search engine optimisation to help push businesses up online searches.

However, his company, Climbonline, may have to explain why it using a name already used by a climbing firm of the same name. Ironically, Wright’s video promotion to an audience of business leaders and marketers featured small business owners scaling a climbing wall.

Miller, also 25,  planned to launch a range of tights to match to various different skin tones.

She said: “If you lose to someone who isn’t very good, it’s upsetting, but Mark is very credible.

“I was happy to go up against him and if I was going to lose, to lose to him was the best I could hope for, really.”

Sunday night’s final drew an average of 6.2 million viewers across two hours, a 27% share of the audience. This was half a million more than watched Leah Totten triumph last year, a seve-year low. The highest audience for a final was 9.1 million who saw Tom Pellereau win in 2011.

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