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Cabrach Distillery helps retain Speyside workers

Cabrach Distillery aiming to open this summer

A social enterprise distillery opening later this year in a remote Speyside location has raised £140,000 as it hopes to help reverse depopulation in the area.

The Cabrach Distillery will create 12 jobs while the Cabrach Trust, which will operate the site, is hoping to attract visitors to help in its regeneration plans for the area.

The remote community was once home to a thriving illicit whisky trade, a legacy which the distillery is celebrating with the production of a new Single Malt Scotch Whisky and dedicated heritage centre.

The Cabrach is an area that has suffered from significant loss and depopulation. At the turn of the 20th century, the population was around 1000 people but today it is under 100 with the Trust working to safeguard the community.

Social Investment Scotland has provided a loan and grant to help the distillery set up the bottling for its first whisky, a blended Scotch named The Feering, as well as other start-up costs.

Jonathan Christie, the chief executive at The Cabrach Trust, said: “Our distillery will serve as the economic lungs of our community-led regeneration vision, creating much-needed permanent, skilled employment whilst attracting thousands of visitors to this special place.”

Chris Jamieson, head of investments at Social Investment Scotland, added: “The Cabrach is filled with a rich heritage of whisky making and we’re pleased to support the Trust with its overarching plans for regeneration, creating secure and skilled jobs in the area.

“By providing access to affordable finance, in this case to help the distillery prepare for production, SIS is championing local organisations and social enterprises of all sizes to deliver greater impact for the communities and people they work with.

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