British Gas owner hands CEO £4 million pay rise

Gas bill
The chief executive of British / Scottish Gas admitted his pay was ‘unjustifiable’

British Gas owner Centrica has been taken to task by investors over an £8.2million pay out to its chief executive.

many customers struggle with energy bills, the company has handed Chris O’Shea a remuneration package almost £4m higher than last year.

About 10% of shareholders opposed the package to Mr O’Shea who even admitted in interview earlier this year that he was overpaid and that his £4.5million pay package for 2022 was a ‘huge amount’ that was ‘unjustifiable’.

His deal for 2023 includes an £810,000 salary, a £1.4 million annual bonus and £5.9 million in long-term bonus, pension and benefits.

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