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Sturgeon to face Westminster grilling in July

Nicola Sturgeon at 2018 party conference
Nicola Sturgeon will face a committee of MPs (pic: Terry Murden / DB Media Services)

Nicola Sturgeon will be grilled by MPs at Westminster on 1 July following the re-scheduling of an evidence session she was due to attend earlier this year.

The former first minister was unabler to face the Scottish Affairs Committee on 29 April because of a “change in witness availability”.  

Her husband Peter Murrell, the former SNP chief executive, was charged with embezzlement the previous week.

Ms Sturgeon will give evidence to the committee as part of its inquiry into relations between Westminster and Holyrood.  

Alex Salmond, Tony Blair, Lord David Cameron and Angus Robertson have already given evidence, and last week the committee heard from former First Ministers Henry McLeish and Lord Jack McConnell, as well as former lord advocate Lady Elish Angiolini.   

Ms Sturgeon resigned as First Minister last year after more than eight years in the role. During that time she worked with four prime ministers: David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Liz Truss.  

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