Selecting a range of games for an iGaming site

In the fast-moving and competitive iGaming industry, the proper range of games underpins success, and nowadays, users require diversity and quality of gaming content. As one of the leading innovative companies with in-depth knowledge of the industry and market, RISK International is willing to provide tips on composing the perfect gaming portfolio. 

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Analysis of the target audience and their preferences 

Before starting the game selection, it is worth deeply analyzing the target group and its preferences. Study demographic characteristics such as age, sex, geographic location, and your potential customers’ gaming habits and interests. This will help you build a portrait of your ideal player and understand what type of games will be in most demand. 

Here are some ways you can learn about what your audience’s preferences are: 

  • Conduct surveys and questionnaires among existing players to learn more about their favored games and genres. 
  • Analyze the data from your web analytics to establish what games and what categories of games are most popular with visitors to your site. 
  • Stay current with innovations and trends in the iGaming industry to understand how changing player preferences are being shaped. 

By getting this information and analyzing it, one should be able to develop a variety of games that best suit the expectations and needs of one’s target audience. 

Collaboration with leading game developers 

Quality of the game content directly impacts satisfaction and loyalty, therefore raising a partnership with leading innovative and high-quality product developers. 

Consider the following when selecting game developer partners: 

  • Developer reputation and experience in the iGaming industry; 
  • How often new games are released and the frequency of game updates; 
  • The opportunity to customize and brand games for your website. 

Working with the best developers, you’ll provide your players with thrilling, diverse gaming content that will put your site above the rest. 

Regular updating and expansion of the range 

To keep players interested and returning to your site, you must update and extend your range of games very often. Add new games and genres, and follow trends and novelties in the industry. 

Here are some tips to renew your collection of video games: 

  • Audit your gaming portfolio regularly: check which games have minimal popularity or are outdated and replace them with fresh games. 
  • Add exclusivity to games and promotions, so make it a special offer to your players. 

The right assortment of games is one of the critical success factors for iGaming sites. Analyze your audience’s preference, cooperate with the leading game developers, and do not forget to renew the gaming portfolio regularly, creating an attractive and competitive offer to your players. This is a non-stop process that needs constant attention and fine-tuning as the market changes. Listen to your players, analyze data, and do not be afraid to experiment to find the optimal range of games for your site in the dynamic iGaming industry. 


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