Hotel guests given chance to go green and help poor

Some of the world’s poorest are being helped by Gift Trees

Worq Hospitality is partnering with Gift Trees to offer all guests the opportunity to “Go Greener”  during their stay and to help the world’s poor.

Each room reservation across its hotels and restaurants across Scotland, including Revolver Hotel in Glasgow’s Merchant City and Riva Boutique Hotel & Restaurant in Helensburgh, will give guests the option to plant a tree to help offset CO2 and lift families from extreme poverty.

The company says the move demonstrates its commitment to sustainable practices across the board,

The scheme extends to dining guests, with customers given the opportunity to fund a Gift Tree at the end of their meal. As well as offsetting the CO2 of their meal, this gift passes the gift of food to disadvantaged and impoverished people.

Glasgowp-based Worq is also involving three of the restaurants in its portfolio in this life changing scheme – El Santo, its Latin American Bar & Restaurant in Glasgow, Chianti, its Italian Restaurant in Falkirk, and its restaurant within Riva Hotel.

Plans are also underway for Worq Hospitality to work with innovative food waste initiative and social impact company, Too Good To Go. 

With a mission to ensure that fresh food isn’t wasted simply because it hasn’t been sold on time, Too Good To Go enables restaurants taking part to offer their customers the opportunity to purchase “Magic Bags” of the unsold food at discounted prices via the Too Good To Go app. 

“We are delighted that a number of our hotels and restaurants have joined the Gift Trees initiative,” said Worq Group managing director, Jonathan Doherty. “It’s a fantastic organisation providing a real solution.” 

“Sustainability is not just lip service. We know it’s become a buzz word but it has to be backed up with real action. We look at it as small steps coming together to form a larger jump.”

He added: “We also look forward to getting involved in Too Good To Go in the next few months. It’s a great idea for local people to come and buy Magic Bags of our delicious food to enjoy at home with their families.”   

“All they have to do is sign up to the Too Good To Go app. It lets them know the locations and availability of the restaurants offering Magic Bags.”  

Joining the scheme will help his venues minimise how much food they throw away, he said. 

“Reducing our carbon footprint is a group wide aim. We’ve also introduced biodegradable takeaway boxes which customers can use.”  

Gift Trees founder, Marvin Baker, said: “Worq Hospitality is to be commended – it is taking real action to become a truly sustainable business that also recognises that its customers want to be part of the action too.

“The Gift Trees they help fund will offset tons of CO2, lift families and children out of extreme poverty, and leave a real legacy for generations to come.”

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