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Elected mayors will lift Scottish economy, says Johnson

Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson: mayors in England are enablers of growth

Directly elected mayors will help drive forward regional economic development, says Scottish Labour’s economy spokesman Daniel Johnson.

The party has proposed creating regional mayors in Scotland as part of an effort to renew local democracy, push power into communities and incentivise economic growth.

Ahead of a speech to the UK Real Estate, Investment and Infrastructure Forum, Mr Johnson says these plans are an opportunity to give the UK’s regional economies the tools they need to boost economic growth.  

He has pointed to analysis by EY predicting Scotland’s growth will be slower than every other nation and region across the UK in the coming years.

He highlighted the success of Metro Mayors such as Andy Burnham in Greater Manchester using their powers to boost their local economies.

“Scotland’s economy has stalled on the SNP’s watch, and our country has been left poorer as a result,” says Mr Johnson.

“There is immense economic potential in every single part of Scotland but our regions are being held back by a power hording SNP government completely lacking in ambition.

“The SNP’s economic centralisation has failed – but Labour will take a new approach and push power out into communities.

“The need to boost growth and promote regional economic development is at the heart of Scottish Labour’s plans for regional Mayors.

“With Andy Burnham and Tracy Brabin [West Yorkshire], we can see first-hand the role Metro Mayors can play. From transport to planning, mayors in England are acting as enablers to growth and facilitators of development.  

“When you think of where is making the most of devolution – you think of Manchester and not Scotland, where they are doing more with fewer powers.

“Scottish Labour will unlock growth across our country by empowering regions to make choices that work for them and their local economy.”

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