Booming Business Sectors In The North

The North of the UK has long been seen as a growing hub for business. Companies and homeowners have been moving North in droves over recent years, mainly due to rocketing prices in the South.  

Rising costs mean that moving to Northern cities offers many cost advantages for businesses, including a wider workforce with a better quality of life, lower expenses and easier access to suppliers.  

As the country’s corporate centres shift Northwards, the region faces many changes and is becoming increasingly renowned for excellence in many different business sectors. Here are just some of the booming industries in the North of the UK today.  

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It’ll come as no surprise that the North of the UK continues to grow in the manufacturing space. The region has deep roots in manufacturing and heavy industry. While old sectors have declined, new advanced manufacturing has taken its place.  

World-leading companies in materials, engineering, automotive and aerospace like Boeing, Rolls-Royce and Siemens, all have major operations across the region. The North’s reputation for excellence in R&D, access to a talented workforce, and spirit of innovation continue to drive advanced manufacturing growth. 

Pest Control 

With more people and businesses comes more waste, and with this comes more vermin. As pests such as rats, mice and insects take over properties, companies and homeowners are relying heavily on experienced pest controllers.  

North East-based pest control experts Invicta Environmental from Newcastle have noticed an increase in work over recent years as the region’s population rises. Whether it’s building new properties or rejuvenating old ones, where there’s construction, there is also vermin. Pests will find their way into properties and need to be erradicated before people can move in.  

Technology And Media 

While London used to be the UK’s tech hub, it’s being superseded thanks to price rises. In its place, the North has emerged as a leading tech hub, anchored by cities like Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool and Sheffield. Major tech companies from around the world have established major operations across the region. Newcastle is developing a reputation as a smart city leader, while Manchester’s MediaCityUK has become a centre for digital and creative industries. 

This thriving tech ecosystem has also spawned many homegrown startups and unicorns that are changing the way we see and interact with the world. With top universities churning out talented STEM graduates, the future looks bright for the Northern tech scene. 

E-Commerce And Logistics 

Thanks to its central location and excellent transportation links, the North has seen a surge in e-commerce and logistics operations. Major companies like Amazon have located massive fulfilment centres across the region. 

Investment has poured in for logistics hubs and warehousing facilities to support this booming sector. For example, Airport City in Manchester is a massive multi-million-pound logistics development taking shape around the city’s international airport. With this increased investment, the North looks set to become a major logistics hub in the UK over the coming years and cement itself as a thriving economic region.  

Food Delivery Services 

Throughout the UK, the food delivery industry is flourishing as consumers continue to enjoy the benefits of having meals delivered to their homes. The market has expanded over the years to include meal delivery kits and even groceries.  

With so many options and technology helping to make the process even easier for users, there is plenty of scope in the North East for both food delivery services and technology providers looking to offer new tools.  

A Brief Conclusion  

Ultimately, the Northern Renaissance shows no signs of slowing. With its strengths in sectors primed for future growth, the Northern economy is rewriting the narrative and reestablishing itself as an economic engine and new industries are blossoming from this growing region.  

So, for company leaders looking to expand or experienced professionals seeking new oppertunities, cities throughout the North, including Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle and Durham are all viable areas to explore.  

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