Bark to work as city gets its first office dog park

Dogs have their own space at Orchard Brae House

A refurbished office block on the edge of Edinburgh city centre now includes the city’s first official dog park.

Orchard Brae House (OBH) on Queensferry Road, has been upgraded to Grade A and Grade B standard, with a variety of on-site amenities that focus on employee wellbeing and sustainability.

As well as a free-to-use gym, free e-bikes, café, wellness suites, Amazon lockers, cycle hubs, a yoga studio, gender neutral spaces, and a sanctuary garden, it now has an exercise area for dogs.

Dog-friendly offices became a more common feature across the UK after three million households acquired a pet during the pandemic. A survey showed the proportion of postings on the Indeed jobs website offering dog friendly workplaces as a perk increased almost four times between 2019 and 2022.

Dog walking area at Orchard Brae House

Paul Coulter, managing director at Eden PAM, the local asset manager on behalf of VCM Global Asset Management, said: “Ways of working have changed significantly in recent years, and post-Covid, many businesses are struggling to encourage people back into the workplace.

“Offices need to adapt to modern working patterns, and put ESG at the forefront of design. 

“People want to come out of their houses and go to work in an environment that supports a healthy work-life balance.

“During lockdown many people bought a dog. But four years later, these dog owners now face the problem of what to do with their pets once they return to the office.

“We’ve provided a solution for that, by making the entire building dog-friendly and creating a dedicated enclosed outdoor exercise area for them, Edinburgh’s first office dog park.”

A variety of businesses, including Innis and Gunn, Ecometrica, Changeworks, Aderans UK and MBM Law are already based at OBH.

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